How To Flash Samsung Devices Using Odin Latest Version

Odin Is A Popular Tool Used For flashing Samsung Devices. This Tool Will help you Fix Your Samsung or Any Other Odin Supportive Devices. Odin Is used For Flashing Bricked Devices, Upgrade Os version, System Update, For rooting etc.


1. Pc

2. Download And Install Drivers

How To Install Samsung Drivers

3. Download Odin Below

Odin Multi Downloader v4.44


1.  Download And Extract Odin On Your Desktop And Run it As Administrator To Open As Shown Below.

2. Download and extract the Samsung firmware and you will get Four (4) files inside. (BL, AP, CP , CSC) and match them as shown in 2a-2d.

2a: Now, Click on BL button and select the BL file from your firmware folder.

2b: Now, Click on AP button and select the AP file from your firmware folder.

2c: Now, Click on CP button and select the CP file from your firmware folder.

2d: Now, Click on CSC button and select the CSC file from your firmware folder.

3. Once all the file is in the box, you would now need to turn off your device, and reboot into Download Mode by holding volume Down and power (If using the Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3 or Note 4, Home key will also have to be held) once device vibrates or boots release power button and hold the rest to boot into download mode

4. Press volume up to enter into download mode proper

5. Now connect your phone to pc through the usb cord and make your usb cord is in good condition and once the pc detects your phone it will show a blue colour under ID.COM then click start.
Warning: Please do not interrupt The  flashing Process. If Interrupted, Your Device May Be total Dead.

6. And after all the flashing Successful, odin would tick or give notification of success and the phone would now begin to the reboot process.  If your encounter bootloop power off and boot to recovery by holding power button and volume up plus home key,  once phone vibrates release only power keep holdong the rest untill it boots into recovery and wipe cache then reboot.

Please If You Encounter Any Errors, Please Post Your Thread @ ALBDROID FORUM

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