In This Tutorial, I will be Showing You how to reset Your spreadtrum device after attempting Too Many Patterns Or Password. This Reset Your Device Without losing Any Files On Your Device. All You need Is Just Follow The Full Step By Step To Go About It.


1. Spreadtrum Drivers

2.Gsm Aladdin

3. USB cable

4. PC


1. Download Aladdin box from the above Link And Extract It To Your Desktop Of Your Pc.

2. After Extracting, Run Aladdin.exe as administrator. Wait For it To Load well.

3. After Aladdin has finished Loading, Click On The spreadtrum in the above. As shown in the image.

4. Now Tick On Phone unlock.

5. Now Choose Your Spreadtrum Device Chipset From The dropdown. 

NOTE : please You Must Know Your Spreadtrum Device Chipset before proceeding.

6. Now Click On Connect.

7. Click On start .

8. At This Point, Remove The Battery from The device And Reinsert It Back.

9. Now Hold The Volume Up while Connecting The Device To The Pc via USB .

10. At This Point, You Will see A yellow Loading Bar Below. Wait For It To Finish Loading And You Will See Done .

11. Disconnect The Device And Power It up. And You Are Good To Use Your Device Without Losing Your Files.

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