How to fix an ADB clash on a Windows PC

When you have more than one ADB installation on a PC, you could have an ADB clash. This could cause ADB and other tools which use ADB [e.g MTK Droid Tools] not to work properly. 

Setting up ADB is Very easy, you could either use the ADB installer method below Link


 PdaNet method

Normally, And to check if ADB is setup and working, you enable USB debugging on the phone.

Read below Link.

Connect the phone to PC (via USB cord) then run the command below =>

Type Code:

adb devices

You should have something like this as output:

If after setting up ADB, ADB sometimes detects your phone and sometimes doesn't, then you're likely looking at an ADB clash. An ADB clash could cause an empty list of devices attached as output =>

When you run the command below [which is supposed to refresh ADB]=>


adb kill-server

the output will be something like [ server not running ]:

To investigate an ADB clash, run Task Manager [Ctrl+Alt+Del]. You will find multiple adb processes running

You could locate the ADB.exe of each process by right-clicking and selecting Open file location

How to fix ADB clash

Ending the unwanted adb processes in Task manager might help but mostly not for long because the adb process would soon restart and the clash, resume.

#To fix this error for good,

=> If you installed ADB using the PdaNet method then ensure to exit PdaNet in the system tray (bottom-right corner) then uninstall it

=> If you have more than one ADB folder then delete others so you have just one.

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