How to Solve NVRAM WARNING : ERR = 0X10

Many MTK device's users are facing the WiFi NVRAM WARNING err 0x10 Problem by formatting the whole flash by SP Flash Tool.
After a long time I Found a Solution for mtk Users to solve the problem.

This method is easy as any other methods..

What you need to perform the methods..??
1. A Rooted MTK device

Rooting For Android 5.0/5.1 Lollipop Device

"Stay Tuned for Android 6.0 Procedure"

2. Root Explorer.apk
Download Here

3. Wifi Error Fix.rar
Download Here

How to do this?

On Your Rooted device go to root Explorer
And navigate to File system root/
There you will found to files named 1) WIFI , 2) WIFI_CUSTOM just simply delete these files

Now extract the files from the WiFi fix.rar
and move the extracted files to the previous (root/
data/nvram/APCFG/APRDEB) folder.

After this process complete You need to just reboot your device. Now go to the wifi adapter setting and you will find the message of NVRAM Error Warning is gone...

In case you want indoor You device back to normal, follow the link below

How to uproot your device to normal state

Congratulations your Error has been resolved....

For any problems, leave ur comment

Thank you

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