How to easily bypass Factory Reset Protection Itel Or Spreadtrum device (FRP)

In this tutorial, I am going to give step by step to easily bypass factory reset protection (FRP)

                           HOW TO GET STARTED
>Items Needed:

1. Quick shortcut.apk

2. The phone with privacy issue

1. Download quickshortcut.apk  and save it to different working phone and ensure xender or flash installed on the phone.

2. Make sure a valid sim card is inserted into the phone with the privacy issue.

3. Now use the phone which You have the quickshotcut.apk and xender or flash share installed on it to call the phone with the privacy issue so that it should ring.

4. When you see the phone ringing, Slide up to message and  You will see many options. Choose the last One "write your own messages".

5. Now You will be taking to where u should send message. Click on the call sign at the top .

6. Now you You are in the call dial pad  . Click on the contact icon at the down right bottom.

7. When you get to the contact screen, select Any contact and click on the Menu icon to Share it .

8. Now Share it with xender or flash Share

9. Now, send the the apk using xender to the phone with privacy issue . Install it and open or launch it.

10. After quickshotcut.apk has been launched, search "Google account manager"  and click on it.

11. Now search it the list that appears "Type email and password" . Click on it .

12. Click on "Try"

13. You will get a page to Re-type password but don't type . Click on the Menu icon at the top right to choose "browser sign in"

14. Press Ok to Agree to sign Google account.

15. Now sign in with valid Google account. And Pres"Next". Enter You password And click "Next".

16. Wait for it to sign in.

>NOTE : When signing in and it close back to quick shortcut.apk menu again, Please don't worry

17. Now reboot The device. After the phone has rebooted connect it to wifi And Click next . Allow it to process and will tell u account added.

20. Now setup You phone as a new phone.

21. Congratulation You have successfully bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on Your Device.

If The Above One Is Complicated, Follow This Link To Solve Frp Issue On Spreadtrum devices And Android Devices running On Android 5.0 Lollipop

Please The Above Step Is for Spreadtrum devices So Please Follow This Link To Fix Frp On Original Android Devices or Mediatek Devic

If You find any step missing you, Leave a reply.

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Thank You.

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From step 8 , you are sharing from the phone with privacy issues right?how can u share the contact with xender when the phone does not have flash share or xender
Please what device are you using.. we have different types of solving it.. Please reply me so I can give you another guideline... Thank You for your reply.
That tutorial is for spreadtrum device e.g Itel,viwa and others..

But device like Infinix, tecno, Samsung etc need gsm Aladdin Box .. So check and read from the link below.