How To Write IMEI on Qualcomm Smartphone Using Qualcomm IMEI Write Tool


1. Download and Learn On How To install Uniscope Qualcomm drivers on your pc.

2. Download Uniscope Qualcomm Write IMEI tool on your pc  and extract the download zip file to your desktop computer.

3. Now click on Qualcomm_Smartphone_Write_IMEI.exe   and launch it.

4. Once,Qualcomm IMEI Write Tool is open,Now click on “Setting” option and it will ask for password. Type This Password: ustest

5. In the “SETTING” option, you will able to see many different options.
Select to Write IMEI1 – if you want to flash only IMEI 1  but If You wish To Flash both imei, Just Tick both Imei 1 and imei 2 Then click OK.

6. Now click on “COM PORT” and select “USB” option. Now enter your IMEI number which you want to write on your device.

Ok now it’s the time to connect your device with pc. Just Off The device and connect it to the  pc via USB cable.

Make sure your phone is properly connected to the pc and you entered the correct IMEI number. Now Click on “WRITE” button.

Just Relax And Watch it do it's Writing. Now you will see a Green indication appears (Pass)

Disconnect your device and On  it and then Dial *#06# to check the IMEI number.

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