How To Remove/Bypass Frp On Mediatek devices Using Gsm Aladdin Box


1. Install Vcom drivers on PC 

2. Pc 

3. GSM Aladdin Box


Mega app

4. USB cable 


1. Download and extract gsm Aladdin to your desktop of your computer And Click and run gsm Aladdin.exe as administrator. Click on "Run//bypass"

2. Wait for it to open well.

3. Now Click on the Mediatek.

4. Click On Service.

5. Under service, You will see "remove frp"

6. Tick on Remove Frp.

7. Click on Connect and after clicking"connect" , you will see start appearing just beside Connect.

  NOTE : If You don't see Start beside Connect, please Change Your date to 01/01/2016 And Close Gsm Aladdin and start again . 

8. Click on Start and now you will see that everything will be Gray.

9. Now Switch off The device. Remove battery if it is removable and reinsert it but if unremovable, leave it and just off the device.

10. While the device is off ,Connect the device to the PC using the USB cable .

11. Now wait and relax for 30 seconds while gsm Aladdin is removing the Frp lock.

12. After it finishes, You will see "connect" will now turn normal and not gray.

13. Disconnect the device and power it On.

14. Wait for sometime because it will take some minutes to finish booting up.

15. Congratulations!!. You have Successfully remove frp on your device.

Please If You are confused at any step, kindly drop your comment and I will help you bypass it.

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